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New Home Server

Much like my other recent article about my workstation upgrade, I decided to give my home server a big performance boost. This machine has went through many hardware iterations. Here are just the CPUs...


Setting up SnapRAID on Ubuntu to Create a Flexible Home Media Fileserver

I’m often experimenting with different fileserver setups for home use. I’ve been very happy with ZFS for my mission critical files, but have found it’s inflexibity a little annoying with my home media server. As result, I’ve migrated to SnapRAID + mergerfs and it’s been working great. Here’s how I set it up.


Home Workstation

I have wanted a more powerful workstation at home for Premier, Photoshop, and encoding jobs. Luckily, the recent deals on e5-2670’s provided a way to upgrade.


Home Setup Changes

I have tried both Hyper-V and ESXi over the past few months. Recently, I have returned “home” to Proxmox. I’ve used it for years, and it still is the easiest for me to configure and use.


Why I Moved from Hyper-V to ESXi at home

I wrote back in September that I was excited to setup my new Hyper-V host at home. While it performed well, I was never able to completely consolidate my setup into one machine because of the lack of true disk passthrough in Hyper-V. Last weekend, I moved over to ESXi to try to accomplish this.


Home Hyper-V Server

I’ve been running an old Dell T105 for a client on my home network for years. It was running Windows 7 Professional to host their Peachtree database. When the computer died this last week, it was time for some new hardware.


Send system email with Gmail and sSMTP

sSmtp is a very lightweight SMTP server that is perfect for sending out system emails. In this article, I will show you show to use sSMTP to send email through your Gmail account.