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Absorption in Luxrender 0

Absorption in Luxrender

This is a test render with Luxrender using it’s latest absorption features. I can’t wait to try this out with water.

Computer Shelf for Basement 0

Computer Shelf for Basement

I needed a new shelf to house my computer equipment and fileserver in the basement. So, I modeled it in Blender for scale, and purchased materials based off the quantities used. The final product looks and functions just like my model.

Bulldozer 0


The background I created for my son’s first birthday card. This was modeled in Blender, rendered in Luxrender, and finally composited in Photoshop for the final card.

Lighthouse 0


My mom is a fantastic painter who is always creating new pieces of art for her family. For her birthday, I decided to try to make my first piece of artwork for her.

Nature Academy - Week 1 (Grass) 0

Nature Academy – Week 1 (Grass)

I’ve been going through the Nature Academy from the Blenderguru. This is my week one creation. The topic was grass. This is looking like it will be a very exciting series.

Nature Academy - Week 2 (Rocks) 0

Nature Academy – Week 2 (Rocks)

I’m continuing through the Nature Academy from the Blenderguru, Andrew Price. This is my week two creation. I loved being able to generate infinite variations of the rocks based on the coordinates option with the empty.

Red Bud Tree 0

Red Bud Tree

Here is a tree I modeled in ngPlant, and imported into Blender. I made my own leaf texture from the red bud tree in front of my house.