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Spindown SAS disks

So, in my previous article, I was struggling to get a new SAS disk to spin up.  Now that I have that working, I want to get it to go into standby (spindown) when...


SnapRAID v11 Released

Andrea, just released the latest version of SnapRAID. This version introduces split parity, which allows you to spread your parity files across numerous disks. This makes transitioning up to larger data disks much easier...


SnapRAID Split Parity Sync Script

SnapRAID v11 adds a sweet new feature, split parity. In the past, adding larger data disk always came with the issue of needing parity disks as large or larger than your data disks. For...


Website New Look

It’s been a long time coming.  I have finally updated my website from the custom Ruby on Rails application that I wrote over 5 years ago.  At the time, I was doing a ton...


MergerFS neat tricks

Trapexit’s MergerFS is awesome. He has some great documentation on the README, but I just wanted to share a couple of quick examples I use all the time.


Docker – How and why I use it

Docker is a fantastic way to run applications in containers separate from your host OS. But, you may ask why bother doing this or why not use VMs instead? Docker is not a replacement...


New Home Server

Much like my other recent article about my workstation upgrade, I decided to give my home server a big performance boost. This machine has went through many hardware iterations. Here are just the CPUs...


Setting up SnapRAID on Ubuntu to Create a Flexible Home Media Fileserver

I’m often experimenting with different fileserver setups for home use. I’ve been very happy with ZFS for my mission critical files, but have found it’s inflexibity a little annoying with my home media server. As result, I’ve migrated to SnapRAID + mergerfs and it’s been working great. Here’s how I set it up.