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Spindown SAS disks

So, in my previous article, I was struggling to get a new SAS disk to spin up.  Now that I have that working, I want to get it to go into standby (spindown) when...


Setting up SnapRAID on Ubuntu to Create a Flexible Home Media Fileserver

I’m often experimenting with different fileserver setups for home use. I’ve been very happy with ZFS for my mission critical files, but have found it’s inflexibity a little annoying with my home media server. As result, I’ve migrated to SnapRAID + mergerfs and it’s been working great. Here’s how I set it up.


Ubuntu AUFS NFS Export

I’ve had many people ask in the comments on my original thread how to get NFS exports working with their stock kernel. The default Ubuntu kernel does not have the option for NFS exports...


New Disk Stress Test

I bought a few new disks and wanted a better way to weed out marginal disks before I deployed them. I don’t use UnRAID at home, but I liked the idea of their preclear...


Installing NUT on Ubuntu

Since updating my Ubuntu 12.04 server to a 3.5.x kernel, I’ve been getting random freezes that lead to the system halting. They were happening at random intervals, so I do into the logs to find the issue. Eventually, I discovered that it was apcupsd causing HID errors.


Encrypted External Drive

I wanted to extend my backup strategy to include rotating a couple encrypted disks offsite for another layer to backup my family videos and pictures. Here are the steps I used to do that on Ubuntu 12.04 Server.


Increasing the size of mdadm RAID1 disks

Do you have a couple tiny disks in a RAID1 array in mdadm and want to upgrade them with newer or larger disks? Here’s how to do it. I did this test on Ubuntu 11.10.