Increasing the size of mdadm RAID1 disks7 min read

I started off with 2 existing RAID1 arrays (one for / and one for swap).

Here’s the file space

The next thing to do is get your partitions setup on your replacement disk. Since, I’m growing from 12GB to 20GB in the Virtualbox example, you’ll set that reflected in the partitioning.

Here’s the new partitioning…

Now, we’ll remove one disk at a time, and replace with a new disk. We’re removing both partitions of each disk from each array.

Here’s what it will look like after doing that.

Next, let’s add in the 2 new partitions.

Wait for both arrays to finish syncing

Finally, install grub to the new disk

Okay, you’re on the final stretch! Let’s do that with the other disk.

And add in the replacement

Wait for it to finish syncing…

Install grub on this disk

Next, we need to resize the mdadm array to take advantage of the new space.

Here’s the new array’s size.

And finally, resize the filesystem.

Now, reboot and enjoy all of your newfound storage space 🙂


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