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SnapRAID Split Parity Sync Script

SnapRAID v11 adds a sweet new feature, split parity. In the past, adding larger data disk always came with the issue of needing parity disks as large or larger than your data disks. For...


Script for Nightly SnapRAID Syncs and Scrubs

Since moving to the new version of SnapRAID 6.0 from 5.3, I realized that my sync script was no longer working agin. I had to modify it as such to get it working correctly. Now, with SCRUBBING! 🙂


Shell Script to Watch Disk Space

If you have a big RAID array, that last thing you want to be doing is always checking your available disk space. Let’s setup a quick script to monitor our shares for us daily and to send an alert when it gets over 90% used.