Customizing My Bike: Transforming the Endurace into a Light Gravel Bike


In my previous post, I shared my renewed passion for cycling and how it’s been a catalyst for both physical and emotional rejuvenation. Building on that momentum, I decided to make my new bike—a Canyon Endurace—truly my own. The goal was to transition from a standard road setup to a light gravel bike, better suited for the trails that have become my new riding sanctuaries.

Personalizing My Ride

Storage Solutions To ensure I’m prepared for any mishaps on the road, I’ve equipped my bike with essential repair tools stored in a compact, under-saddle Lyzene bag. This includes a TPU tube, CO2 cartridges, tire levers, and a multi-tool. For easier access to my phone and nutrition, a top tube Lyzene bag now houses my cell phone, energy bars, gels, and Dynaplug tire plugs.

Wheel and Tire Upgrades The original aluminum wheels were replaced with 9 Velo carbon fiber wheels, which are not only lighter and stronger but also feature better hubs and an easy transition to tubeless tires. I’ve opted for Stan’s Sealant for reliable puncture protection. After experimenting with Continental Terra Speeds last season, I’ve switched to Tofu Thundero tires, which are well-suited for the demands of light gravel biking.


Lighting and Power Metering To enhance visibility and safety, I’ve added Cygolite Hotrod rear and Lezyne Micro Drive 800XL front LED lights. For improved training metrics, the Shimano 105 cranks were swapped out for a Magene PE5 spider power meter with shorter 170mm cranks, better suited for my cycling dynamics.

Build Magene

Drivetrain and Control Enhancements The chain has been upgraded to a Dura-Ace speed chain, meticulously waxed with Silca’s Secret Wax for optimal performance and durability. For a more rugged setup conducive to gravel paths, I’ve installed Shimano’s SPD PD-M520 pedals and converted my 6 bolt discs to Shimano XT RT-MT800-L 160mm Centerlock Disc Rotors. Lastly, the mount arm for my Wahoo Elemnt Roam has been replaced with a sleek Form Mount from F3 Cycling, ensuring my navigation tool is securely and conveniently positioned.

Waxing Build Complete

Conclusion Transforming my Canyon Endurace into a light gravel bike has been an exciting part of my cycling journey. Each customization not only enhances the bike’s performance and suitability for gravel paths but also deepens my connection to cycling. It’s a setup that supports my adventurous spirit and complements my pursuit of cycling freedom across varied terrains.

Ride On

This post is licensed under CC BY 4.0 by the author.