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So, in my previous article, I was struggling to get a new SAS disk to spin up.  Now that I have that working, I want to get it to go into standby (spindown) when it’s idle for a while.  I previously provided directions to use hdparm to spindown disks.  Although hdparm works with SATA disks, SAS disks are a different beast.  To work with them you need to use sdparm.

Once it is installed, you can use this code to view the current spindown parameters (my disk is /dev/sdp or use /dev/disk/by-id/).

You may get output that looks like this…

I this case, STANDBY = 0 means that the disk will never spindown. So, let’s change that…

The first option enables standby (spindown), and the second sets the timer. The SCT number is equal to 100ms. So, 18000 = 30 minutes.

And, that’s it. These values should be saved to your disk and even be portable between systems. If you do run across a funky disk that doesn’t retain these values through a reboot, you can always add a line like this to /etc/rc.local



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