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MergerFS neat tricks

Trapexit’s MergerFS is awesome. He has some great documentation on the README, but I just wanted to share a couple of quick examples I use all the time.

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Docker – How and why I use it

Docker is a fantastic way to run applications in containers separate from your host OS. But, you may ask why bother doing this or why not use VMs instead? Docker is not a replacement...

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New Home Server

Much like my other recent article about my workstation upgrade, I decided to give my home server a big performance boost. This machine has went through many hardware iterations. Here are just the CPUs...

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Setting up SnapRAID on Ubuntu to Create a Flexible Home Media Fileserver

I’m often experimenting with different fileserver setups for home use. I’ve been very happy with ZFS for my mission critical files, but have found it’s inflexibity a little annoying with my home media server. As result, I’ve migrated to SnapRAID + mergerfs and it’s been working great. Here’s how I set it up.

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Home Workstation

I have wanted a more powerful workstation at home for Premier, Photoshop, and encoding jobs. Luckily, the recent deals on e5-2670’s provided a way to upgrade.

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Script for Nightly SnapRAID Syncs and Scrubs

Since moving to the new version of SnapRAID 6.0 from 5.3, I realized that my sync script was no longer working agin. I had to modify it as such to get it working correctly. Now, with SCRUBBING! 🙂

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Unifi Controller on Docker

I’ve been thinking about migrating my Unifi access point controller software off my Macbook Air onto my Ubuntu server, but I didn’t want to install Java and all of it’s dependencies on my fileserver… in steps Docker to save the day. Here’s how I set it up.

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Home Setup Changes

I have tried both Hyper-V and ESXi over the past few months. Recently, I have returned “home” to Proxmox. I’ve used it for years, and it still is the easiest for me to configure and use.

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Ubuntu 14.04 with 4.0.4 kernel and latest AUFS from source

After some Googling, this looks like a common issue with most kernels shipping with distros. Here are a few links to look at. Here are the steps I followed to get...