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Home Setup Changes

I have tried both Hyper-V and ESXi over the past few months. Recently, I have returned “home” to Proxmox. I’ve used it for years, and it still is the easiest for me to configure and use.


Ubuntu 14.04 with 4.0.4 kernel and latest AUFS from source

After some Googling, this looks like a common issue with most kernels shipping with distros. Here are a few links to look at. Here are the steps I followed to get...


Why I Moved from Hyper-V to ESXi at home

I wrote back in September that I was excited to setup my new Hyper-V host at home. While it performed well, I was never able to completely consolidate my setup into one machine because of the lack of true disk passthrough in Hyper-V. Last weekend, I moved over to ESXi to try to accomplish this.


Home Hyper-V Server

I’ve been running an old Dell T105 for a client on my home network for years. It was running Windows 7 Professional to host their Peachtree database. When the computer died this last week, it was time for some new hardware.

hard-drive-stop 2

Spin Down Idle Hard Disks Without /etc/hdparm.conf

I’ve had a few people ask me over the years about spinning down disk that don’t have Advanced Power Management or otherwise can’t be spun down by hdparm. The following is a way to...

hard-drive-pool 0

SnapRAID with mhddfs

Some users have been experiencing issues with AUFS’s quirks in terms of moving, or deleting files. mhddfs does not have white out files and as result, works as people expect. mhddfs is FUSE based,...


Ubuntu AUFS NFS Export

I’ve had many people ask in the comments on my original thread how to get NFS exports working with their stock kernel. The default Ubuntu kernel does not have the option for NFS exports...


Encrypted SnapRAID

If you have read my previous SnapRAID tutorial, you will see that I’m a big fan of it for home storage. I wanted to setup a SnapRAID volume made up of encrypted hard drives....


New Disk Stress Test

I bought a few new disks and wanted a better way to weed out marginal disks before I deployed them. I don’t use UnRAID at home, but I liked the idea of their preclear...


Installing NUT on Ubuntu

Since updating my Ubuntu 12.04 server to a 3.5.x kernel, I’ve been getting random freezes that lead to the system halting. They were happening at random intervals, so I do into the logs to find the issue. Eventually, I discovered that it was apcupsd causing HID errors.